We understand that your human resource needs extend far beyond merely recruiting staff. EspaceTalent is, first and foremost, a talent search firm. We offer you a flexible system of à la carte services to meet your business needs.


    • Time savings
    • Maximizing attractiveness
    • HR Marketing

    Our know-how at your disposal! 

    Choose our innovative solution, « À la Carte Search », which offers a unique approach to recruitment. Unlike traditional methods, this solution allows you to purchase dedicated hours specifically tailored to finding profiles that match your hiring requirements. With this personalized approach, you gain access to our team’s expertise without the immediate obligation of a full-scale recruitment process.

    We strategically utilize these research hours to delve into the market, pinpoint potential candidates, and pre-screen profiles based on your criteria. This results in a flexible and budget-friendly solution to address your recruitment needs effectively. Explore how this option can significantly enhance your talent search process and bring positive transformations to your hiring efforts.

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    • Flexibility 
    • Sustainability
    • Peace of mind

    We are … your human resources!

    Our « SMALL BUSINESS PACKAGE » service has been specially designed to meet the needs of businesses with limited budgets that have multiple positions to fill. This advantageous proposition offers deferred payments over 12 months for the recruitment of multiple profiles within your company.

    By opting for this package, you gain access to an economical and flexible solution, allowing you to more effectively manage your recruitment needs while respecting your budgetary constraints. Our aim is to streamline the recruitment processes for SMEs by providing a quality service tailored to their specific requirements, all while enabling them to predict and allocate recruitment costs advantageously. Certain conditions apply.

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    • Confidentiality
    • Strategy
    • Know-how

    You must never confuse recruitment with headhunting! 

    Headhunting is the art of recruiting targeted and confidential contacts. Do you have outstanding professionals in mind, perhaps working for your competitors or elsewhere? Our specialized service tracks down and engages these specific talents discreetly. We deploy a strategic approach to attract these high-level candidates, based on absolute confidentiality and market expertise. With a tailored methodology, we help you recruit key individuals without disturbing competitive sensitivities. Discover how this proactive approach can transform your quest for the best talents for your company.

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    • Your collaboration
    • Our commitment
    • Candidate’s interest

    Discover a unique experience with our « ALL IN RECRUITMENT » service. Beyond just a service, it’s a personalized journey tailored to your needs. We start by attentively listening to you, understanding the intricacies of your challenges and business environment. Our comprehensive 360-degree approach, backed by a robust methodology, takes full control of the recruitment process. We delve deep into your company, its values, teams, and operational requirements.

    From crafting job descriptions to meticulously selecting candidates, our commitment is to discover talents that not only possess the necessary skills but also resonate with your company’s ethos and goals. Trust us to lead you towards acquiring the resources that will truly make a difference.

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    • Job Marketing
    • Employer branding
    • Reputation

    Well-presented content!

    Your job description is your employer passport. It must be well-written, well-designed and effectively marketable. It must perfectly match your image in order to attract the best possible candidates.  EspaceTalent supports you as you go through all these steps, as well as in choosing an ad platform. 

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    • Thorough assessment
    • Internal promotion
    • Succession planning

    All your positions are important, and a face-to-face interview is not enough to allow a full grasp of all the subtleties in an individual. Psychometric testing allows you to measure the candidate’s personal and interpersonal traits, as well as their behaviour and level of motivation. In a recruitment process, these tests provide information allowing you to predict the candidate’s ability to adapt to your working environment. For internal promotions, the tests assist you in your decision-making process.  

    At EspaceTalent, we offer a variety of tests to meet your needs.

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    • Eliminates doubts
    • Helps decision-making
    • Impartiality

    Rigour from start to finish!

    Whether or not we are involved in your recruitment process, you must pay attention to the slightest details. EspaceTalent’s professionals check the references of the candidates that catch your eye. A customized questionnaire is prepared and we will talk to the people YOU choose. You will thus be armed with a realistic picture of your candidates before proceeding to finalize a recruitment contract.

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    • Eliminates risks
    • Profitable investment
    • Responsible recruitment

    Prevention is better than cure!

     “Background checks and references” are now standard in the recruitment sphere. We validate EVERYTHING and help you avoid any unpleasant surprises likely to harm your company’s image: criminal record, academic qualifications, credit report, driver’s licence and confirmation of previous positions. 

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