Your human resources are your most valuable assets, and your objective is not merely to populate them with seat warmers. You want people who have your desired skillsets, more so, who will embrace your values and fit into your organization. EspaceTalent experts are masters of outside-the-box thinking. We leave nothing to chance, but instead, cover all angles and consider all avenues. 

We work by following 8 steps.

  • Infiltration at your premises

    Our work begins right at your premises. On day one, our experts visit your offices to get a clear picture of your day-to-day. The goal at this stage is to fully grasp your ecosystem by meeting with members of your organization.
  • The game plan

    This step is a required precondition for our field investigation. It consists of a series of brainstorming sessions that will help us establish precise and detailed search criteria. We set up a quality structure to ensure nothing is left to chance, and that you are guaranteed tangible results.
  • The investigation

    Talent search is our core competence and represents 70% of a full recruitment process. Working with solid parameters established in the game plan, we use all possible means to identify the best talents. Every door is opened and no stone is left unturned.
  • The scouting

    A shortlist of paper-qualified candidates is established during our initial search. We will have a serious chat with them and listen to their stories. As we meet these candidates, we will have them complete a tailored questionnaire in order to validate the aspects that are most relevant to the position to be filled.
  • Draft pick day

    Once our assessments are done, we will provide you with an exhaustive report on the candidates. This document will contain all necessary information on the candidate profiles that best match your needs, values and expectations.
  • Science as a tool

    A variety of psychometric tests are available to you and will measure many variables in a candidate. This is an essential step at the end of a complete recruitment process.
  • Background checks and references

    You invest time and energy in developing your “HR Marketing” and want to maintain your status as an employer of choice. Our investigations help limit any risks that can harm your business image.
  • Contract signature

    Isn’t this the ultimate goal? Signing the agreement with your candidate is the end result of all the effort put into the process.