Finding a job is a “full-time job”

Are you searching for a job? Has confinement slowed you down? Are you thinking about your career going forward? Whatever your situation, our consultants are highly experienced and offer a full range of candidate services.


    • Smart investment
    • Creation of opportunities
    • Talent marketing

    Your CV is your professional passport. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a good impression with potential employers.

    We take care of writing quality content, as well as its presentation and marketing. Before you ask, the answer is YES, you need to have your CV in both official languages. As Friedrich Nietzsche put it, “the devil is in the details”. Leave everything in the hands of our experts. 

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    • Career orientation
    • Job selection
    • Your identity

    Undeniable advantages

    Undergoing psychometric testing can be both fulfilling and rewarding. Besides measuring behaviour, this type of assessment also says a lot about your real interests and skills.

    If you are searching for a job or seeking to change careers, here are some of the advantages you can get from EspaceTalent’s tests:

    • You will know yourself better
    • You will maximize your introspection and self-assessment processes
    • Going forward, you will apply for positions that best match your strengths and interests 
    • You will find specialized courses or training to add value to your candidacy

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    • Continuous improvement
    • Preparation
    • Self-confidence

    Let’s work together!

    EspaceTalent experts have been working in the employment sector for over 20 years. They know all the tricks and provide precious advice to ensure your approach is successful. We will help you:

    • Create value in your job search strategies
    • Perfect your communications with potential employers
    • Prepare for employment interviews
    • Secure your desired position

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