After several months of brainstorming, drafting, revising, trial and error, confronting our ideas, consulting our friends for their opinion … we are elated to be finally able to launch our new website:

A beautiful childbirth
Many of us have had the chance to witness the pride that emanates from the faces of new parents when it comes to showing off their new baby. The joy of presenting this long awaited and desired child. You know what I am talking about, you may have been that parent who no longer touched the floor! I must admit it is like what we feel with the launch of our new website. When you think about it, its gestation will have lasted almost as long as a pregnancy, but when you want something that lives up to the expectations, you take the time to do it well.

Seriousness… Without taking yourself too seriously
For those who have already experienced it, embarking on such a project is not easy. Initially, you have a good idea of ​​the image you want to project, the message you want to send and the way you want to dress it. Then, doubt quietly sets in, opinions diverge, which makes sound of music rise, then suddenly compromises invite themselves to the dance. But all in all, common sense prevails. All this to bring into the world a website which will ultimately reflect our image and match three of our main values: Creativity, Quality and Pleasure.

For us, the search for talent is to be taken seriously and that is why we put a lot of rigor in our recruitment projects. That is what allows us to offer Quality performance. However, what would a dish be without seasoning? Therefore, we make it our duty to sprinkle our mandates with a touch of Creativity and Pleasure. Because to find candidates where nobody thought of looking, it takes experience, but you also have to be creative. This is reflected with our business partners, as much as with our clients and candidates. In short, we take every project our clients propose very seriously, but without taking OURSELVES too seriously. Result: everyone wins while having fun!

How to do things differently
It is true, a spicy dish may be delicious, but too much spice can also spoil the sauce. We wanted to avoid this mistake at all costs and as you can see, we deliver a clean site that is far from being conventional. Our content is different and straight to the point. Our images and design are colorful and intriguing, often fun, but rarely boring. We pride ourselves on offering innovative search and recruitment solutions and it was important that our online presence be worthy of this image.

Our way of doing things is by digging deeper and our clients recognize that this results in sustainable hiring. We have a varied service offering, which allows us to meet the needs of companies in an increasingly complex business context. This set of diversified solutions aligns very well with another of our values, Flexibility.

Have a nice visit!
In short, we hope you enjoy discovering our new website as much as we did putting it together. It is meant to reflect our image so if you recognize yourself in it, I bet we would have a blast working together.

A project of this magnitude cannot be undertaken alone, and we would hate ourselves to forget to recognize the immense contribution of the digital agency 3e Joueur. We have chosen them for a good reason, just like us, they are a group of experienced enthusiasts who do not take themselves too seriously. Their creative people supported us remarkably in this adventure and we would like to thank them for their involvement and patience. Teamwork will have been there throughout this venture and this relates with our fifth and last value, Collaboration.

Thanks for reading us, thanks for visiting our website and thanks for trusting us with your future projects!

The entire of EspaceTalent team!

By Dino Crescenzi
President & Founder | Espace talent